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Options for Finding a Secure Self Storage Company

Is your home full to the brim of stuff? Is the semester ending and you need a place to store some of your belongings till you get back to school? Maybe your office is over stuffed with important papers and files that are taking up space but can’t be thrown away. Getting a self storage unit to put some of your things in may be a great idea for you. There are plenty of places to choose from; they’re in just about every strip mall. So how do you go about finding a great Santa Rosa self storage company? There’s more to it than just finding the best price. So read through these great tips to help you find a secure and affordable storage unit.

Determine Your Needs

Before you begin your search take inventory of your belongings. Determine which items will need to go into storage and which things you’re still going to need around your house or office. How much space will you need? Most storage facility websites will tell how much stuff a unit will hold. Typically a five foot by eight foot unit is big enough to store furniture from a living room and a home office.

Will you need to access the unit regularly? If so, then choose a facility that is close by. If you’re going for long term storage then you can choose a unit more by price than location.

Secure Location

Fell free to ask the manager what security measures they use to protect their property and your belongings.

  • Do they have video surveillance?
  • Do they use a closed circuit TV system or video monitors?
  • Where are the cameras placed?
  • Is there a security gate with personal codes that patrons use to get in and out?
  • Is there staff there 24 hours a day, seven days a week?
It’s best if you can find a storage company that has a resident manager. This means that the manager lives onsite and can be contacted day or night for any type of emergency.

Climate Control

Making sure your unit is climate controlled probably isn’t something you thought of as being important. Santa Rosa definitely gets hot during the summers. If you are storing vinyl records, 35 millimeter films, CDs, or DVDs, they will melt if cool air isn’t vented in. If you need to pack away anything that may melt in the heat, make sure you choose a facility that offers climate controlled units.

Check with the BBB

You can check on the reputation of the Santa Rosa self storage company by contacting the local chapter of the Better Business Bureau. Make sure they don’t have any outstanding complaints filed against them. If they’ve ever had issues with the BBB ask if the problem was resolved in favor of the customer or business.

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